Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ACE - Architecture Construction Engineering

The event was organized by The Economic Times which was known as ACE, which stands for Architecture Construction Engineering Tech. This event is the Asia's Largest Event in the above fields. ENCORE OFFICE SYSTEMS Pvt Ltd is a regular participant in this event and hence gets the Exclusive Invitation.

Complete Office Furniture Solutions

This year also we participated and got huge response. Buyers and the visitors were really amazed when came to know about our latest inovation in the field of office and commercial place furniture.

Complete Office Solutions with Encore Office Systems Pvt Ltd

It's well known that first impressions is the last impression. In many situations and in a variety of walks of life, the first impression will be the lasting impression. This is especially true for businesses, both in terms of appealing attractive to potential employees, wowing clients and winning new contracts. It's therefore of paramount importance that the design and exterior of your business premises exudes the same professionalism as your company's business plan. One way to ensure this is to modernise your premises with a complete office fit out, provided by an experienced team.

Within the cut-throat world of business, it's important that every element of your business make-up from the ground upwards is of the highest quality - and with your premises being the first thing many will see, it's important that your office looks stunning from the first glance onwards. This can be achieved by a new office fit-out.

Despite some misconceptions, carrying out an office fit-out isn't just a case of providing a few new desks, chairs and other bits of furniture here and there; or laying a new carpet. Instead to get the ultimate office, the company carrying out the fit out should work alongside you and your vision, as well as keeping within your budget to produce a final model which you are both happy with and proud to have your name attached to.

From furniture, partitions and suspended ceilings through to mezzanine floors; an experienced office fit-out team will be able to provide you with it all and will ensure that everything is of the highest quality available. Whether you're relocating office departments or you want a new layout for your current department, an experienced and trained team will be able to work with you through every stage. From consulting with you on what you're after, through to the final handover which will see you left with the perfect working environment. The ultimate office fit-out by an experienced and professional team will help ensure that you're business is running at its optimum performance levels on a daily basis.

Encore Office Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of modular and contemporary office furniture providing a complete office solutions. Established in 1990 Encore is been working with the all the corporate companies in India. Located in Manesar Gurgaon, the team of Encore is lead by a dynamic and effiecient personality Mr. Sushil Singhal. So, for all the commercial office furniture and customized office solutions Encore is the company to work with.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

About Us - Encore Office Sytems Pvt. Ltd

We, you……and a uniting passion!

Effective communication is about appearing good, doing well and talking sense. And the furniture that occupies your ‘space’, whether office, public place, recreation area or home, forms a strong background to all the appearing, doing and talking that takes place there.

We, at Encore Office Systems Pvt. Ltd., understand this and also understand space. That too in five dimensions. Length, breadth, height, time and feeling. The space where you put furniture defines its need not only in terms of square feet and ceiling height but also in terms of how long you, your employees and colleges, people, visitors, friends and family spend there. And the ‘feeling’ that space and its handling evokes in them.

Our level of involvement in understanding this concept and designing furniture that stands true to it is fired not merely by business sense. It is more of a passion that impels us into the realm of ‘feeling’ and ‘time’. Encore Office Systems has for long been producing and selling propriety office furniture, modular work stations, desks for meetings and conferences, storage systems and furniture for reception/visitor/recreation areas. And having done this long enough, we have perfected the way our organization works, right from conceptualization to designing to production to marketing and finally to after-sales-service.

Over the years we have attained a level of competency and flexibility in design and production processes to justifiably class ourselves as ‘Interior Customizers’. What we need from you is just space and a dream of filling it to your liking. We shall do the rest for you. And assuredly, the results shall be better than what your nebulous dreams had been made of. We have one of the most complete production facilities with an ‘all-process-in-house’ capability that inspires confidence and oozes assurance. It is not incidental that Encore Office Systems is ISO 9001 certified almost all through its long and illustrious existence.